Couples Therapy or Marriage (pre-marriage counseling), can help couples understand and resolve conflicts. It can also create new ways in which to grow together and improve your relationship.
All of our relationships endure hard times. It can be beneficial to have an objective, supportive person to help you work through what ever issues are arising. In therapy we will work together to create a safe space to explore what is going on for each of you in the relationship. Depending on the issues, you may need only a few sessions, or you may want deeper work to explore where the problems are coming form and why they remain unresolved. My goal is to help you understand why problems are occurring and what each of you can do to make the relationship more fulfilling. As we work together, I will provide a neutral setting and guidance to help make sense of what has come about and to find a way forward. Rather than taking sides, I will listen equally and work to enable both partners to understand and deepen their relationship experience. I will help you become clear on what kind of relationship you want, understand your patterns and uncover deeper dynamics. I will also give you tools that will assist you in the process of our work. Through our work together you might develop new communication skills, including empathic listening and ability to express one’s needs and feelings.