Adolescence is a time of change for young people. It is often accompanied by new and confusing emotions and situations. Such a time is not only difficult for adolescents, but also for the families. Often working with a mental health professional can help bridge the gap between parents and teens. During adolescence, children are seeking independence even though they are not fully psychologically prepared for it. An internal conflict often gets externalized in the form of conflict with the parents. Although this can be very frustrating for parents it is a normal part of adolescent development. For adolescents psychotherapy can have a number of benefits. First it provides emotional support from a neutral source. It can help them understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviors; giving them insight into their problems, improving self-esteem, reducing anxiety and improving relationships.

Prior to working with a minor, I like to sit down with the parents. I will want to understand the parent’s perspective on the issues and set a foundation of understanding on how I will approach the work and deal with issues related to confidentiality with their child.